Answering Your FAQs About A Belize Vacation

June 20, 2024

Are you planning your dream vacation to Belize but feeling overwhelmed by all the logistics? Fear not! We understand that traveling to a new destination can raise many questions. To ease your worries and make your journey as smooth as possible, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions by our previous guests. Don’t find what you’re looking for? Fill out the form at the end of this page and we will get right back to you.

  1. Is St. George’s Caye a private island? No. St. George’s Caye is not a private island, but is as close to one as you will get. The island is not commercialized and only has one resort and a handful of vacation rentals.  All other homes on the island are privately owned and used on weekends and holidays by their owners.
  2. Do Americans or Canadians need a passport to go to Belize? Yes, both Americans and Canadians require a valid passport to enter Belize. But do they need a visa? Visas are not required for stays of up to 30 days for citizens of these countries. Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay.
  3. What size boat will take us to Casa Al Mar and on our tours? The boat size for each trip varies and is based on the number of guests in your group. Our smallest boat is 28 feet with an outbound engine, and has the capacity to hold up to 14 individuals. Rest assured, we prioritize your safety and comfort, ensuring that all our boats meet license standards for your peace of mind.
  4. Is airport transportation included? Yes, roundtrip airport transportation is included in every Casa Al Mar package. 
  5. Do we have to plan all our tours before we arrive? While planning some of your tours in advance to secure your spots is possible you are not required to plan everything beforehand. Once you arrive at Casa Al Mar, our host will discuss options to ensure that you do everything on your list and plan an itinerary to your liking for the duration of your stay. If you would like to go Scuba Diving, this would need to be mentioned at least 7 days before your arrival.
  6. How do we pay for extra add-ons on our vacation? Paying for extra add-ons is convenient and hassle-free. You can settle any additional charges directly with our staff upon checkout via cash or credit card. We only accept Visa or Mastercard.
  7. What’s tipping like in Belize? Tipping is appreciated but entirely at your discretion. If you feel inclined to show your appreciation for exceptional service, you can leave a gratuity for our hardworking staff. On average, tips in Belize are about 10% of your stay.
  8. What type of clothes should we pack? Pack light and comfortable clothing suitable for warm tropical weather. Remember essentials like sunscreen, hats, swimsuits, and sunglasses for outdoor activities. If you plan on exploring nature reserves or embarking on adventurous tours, sturdy, closed-toe footwear is recommended. 
  9. Is there a speaker that guests can connect to at the house? Absolutely! Feel free to connect your devices to our speakers and enjoy your favorite tunes throughout the house.
  10. Is there any A/C? At Casa Al Mar, sustainability is key. There are no air conditioners. We harness solar energy and employ water conservation techniques to minimize environmental impact. Each room is thoughtfully designed with cross ventilation, floor/ceiling fans, ensuring a comfortable ambiance without the need for air conditioning. 
  11. What electrical outlets does Belize use? Belize utilizes standard North American electrical outlets, so there is no need to worry about bringing any adapters. Charge your devices effortlessly and enjoy your stay without worrying about compatibility issues.
  12. What is the latest the boat can operate? Boat transfers and tours are limited to daylight hours for the safety of our team and our guests. Please ensure that your flight arrives no later than 3:00 pm at Belize’s International Airport.
  13. Do you have hair dryers? Yes. Hair dryers are available upon request.
  14. Do you have any packages that include the mainland? Yes, please check out our reef and rainforest package. If you only want to spend one day on the mainland during your trip this can easily be arranged by your host with a multitude of options available. 
  15. Where can we buy souvenirs? At Casa Al Mar, we have some branded merchandise for sale, but there are also opportunities to shop for gifts for friends and family. When taking a day trip to Caye Caulker, you will have time on the island to shop for souvenirs if you wish or alternatively, upon your departure the Belize airport has many shops for taking home a piece of Belize with you.

We hope these answers alleviate any concerns you may have had about your upcoming Belize vacation. If you have any further inquiries or require assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to hello@casaalmarbelize.com. We can not wait to welcome you and ensure your stay is extraordinary!

Extraordinarily exciting”, “Unbelievable”, these are only a few of the comments made about our Zoo – one of Belize’s most iconic sights. The Belize Zoo offers an immersive wildlife experience and is located just 29 miles west of Belize City. Visiting the Belize Zoo is an easy day trip from St. George’s Caye and can be combined with visiting other attractions such as Xunantunich since you’re on the mainland already.Xunantunich means “maiden of the rock” The Xu is pronounced like shoe. It is situated on the Western or George Price Highway, 80 miles west of Belize City, across the river from the village of San Jose Soccotz. You’ll get there by hand-cranked ferry. This site is less than 1.5 kilometers (1 mile) from some lovely rapids of the Mopan River and provides an impressive view of the entire river valley.
included complimentary on select packages at Casa Al Mar

Xunantunich Maya Ruins

Xunantunich means “maiden of the rock” The Xu is pronounced like shoe. It is situated on the Western or George Price Highway, 80 miles west of Belize City, across the river from the village of San Jose Soccotz.

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